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DateLocationEvent TypeDetails
20/10/2018Los Angeles, USA Booth #TBD Industry Event Clastech 2018
Clastech 2018
23/10/201810:00 am EDT Webinar Multi-scale Co-simulation and Model Integration with CosiMate and Flux
23/10/201816:00 CEST Webinar Flux Webinar: Fast Assessment and Optimization of the Energy Efficiency of Electric Machines
24/10/201810:00 AM EDT Webinar Electronics Feeling the Heat? Introducing Meet Altair's New Tool for Electronics Cooling - ElectroFlo
24/10/2018-25/10/201810:00 am - 4:30 pm EDT Altair Event AFDEX Basic Training Program with Practice Session
24/10/2018-26/10/2018Guadalajara, USA Booth #TBD Industry Event Euroguss 2018
Euroguss 2018
25/10/201810:00 am EDT Webinar Lay-up Simulations to Choose the Best Fabric Pattern for an Aeronautic Radome
26/10/201810:00 am EDT Webinar Vulnerable Road Users: MADYMO Coupling for Pedestrian Protection and Euro NCAP TB024
29/10/2018-30/10/201810:00 - 16:30 Altair Event AFDEX Basic Training Program with Practice Session
4/11/2018-9/11/2018Williamsburg, USA Booth #TBD Industry Event AMTA 2018
AMTA 2018: Antenna​ ​Measurement​ ​Techniques Association
6/11/201816:00 CET Webinar Flux Webinar: Using Multiphysics Optimization to Design High Performance Rotating Machines
6/11/2018-8/11/2018Atlanta, USA Booth #TBD Industry Event FABTECH 2018
8/11/201811/08/2018 Webinar Optimization of Oil and Gas Piping Systems with DSHplus
8/11/2018Troy, USA Booth #TBD Industry Event NAFEMS Automotive 2018
NAFEMS Automotive 2018
4/12/201815:00 CET Webinar Flux Webinar: Considering Temperature Constraints in the Design of Electric Machines
5/12/2018-6/12/2018San Jose, USA Booth #TBD Industry Event BioMed 2018
BIOMEDevice 2018 An MD&M Event

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