The global demand for energy has continued to increase at a rapid pace and that requires a holistic approach to energy generation and conservation. Meeting the world's energy needs will not be accomplished by relying on just one or two sources, but many.

In addition, those sources will vary around the world. Altair recognizes this and has developed a variety of applications, technologies, and processes to enable the innovative engineering breakthroughs that will be required.

"Altair SmartCore was the perfect partner to launch Energy Smart Generation as it shortened our time to market to develop and test the product and later on proved to be a reliable partner to support the product for our key clients."
– Raúl Gil García, Business Development Manager, Unatec

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As we move to a more sustainable energy future, wind and other renewable sources will play a key role in reducing our energy footprint and ensuring supply is sufficient for a modernizing population. Altair's simulation and optimization technologies have already begun to support this growing industry and will continue to do so even more in the future. Our core competencies include turbine vortex simulation and prediction, acoustic interpretation and assessment, wind farm siting, composite blade analysis and optimization, and transmission dynamics simulation and optimization.


HyperWorks offers a complete modeling and FE solver environment for structural verification and safety validation of nuclear power generation plants.

Oil and Gas

As the primary source of the world's energy supply, the increased demand has fallen pre-dominantly on the shoulders of the Oil and Gas Industry. Altair is a key player in many sectors of this Industry, specifically in these areas:
    VIM/VIV Prediction and Suppression
    Design Reliability and Robustness
    Structural Optimization
    High-performance Computing
    Design/Analysis Cycle Time Reduction

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